After traveling for a while being back in the city my judgment a bit hazy about what to wear. So when I had to step out on a sunny afternoon. The simplest shift dress is always the best option. No drama no confusion, a shift dress, pumps and well rounded basic sunglasses and we are ready to go.



Dress: Westside (shop here) | bag gifted by mom | Ring: Mia by Tanishq | Watch Tommy Hilfiger | shoes: forever 21 @

With love.


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We all have our comfort zone when we travel. Some of us have separate clothes we keep aside specifically for travel, Like my dad who loves his double pocket shirts to store all his junk because it falls out of pant pockets. Yes! I do too have an obsession for pockets but it can be on any piece of the outfit not just the pant. But Every time I choose my travel outfits I keep certain very specific needs in mind.

  1. Pockets – yes because sometimes I wanna stuff those 200ml bottles of juice in my pocket
  2. Stretch fits – always, I’m even ok with tights as long as i have unrestricted movements. Once I wore my boyfriend jeans but the loose fit did save me from tripping over my own feet while climbing down.
  3. shoes – Need to protect my delicate feet from the dirt, bad weather, and long walks. I’m not kidding about the walking. Can anyone name one tourist destination that doesn’t involve walking, no wonder travel is good for your health
  4. small travel bag – Oh yes! a bag too small but big enough to be equal to the biggest handbag you’ve ever carried. believe it or not, for 3 or 4 days of travel, the bag is just big enough!
  5. Covering layer – Probably the most taken granted for by most people. My mom’s robbed my dad of his jacket so many times (But of course he’s always prepared for his wife’s tantrums). I’ve always either carried a light jacket  or a warm shawl sometimes both. you don’t have to carry an oversized jacket if you pick the right outfit layers. At times a good scarf can save you from the sun.
  6. sunglasses – Just because the weather is cold the sun won’t stop shining and I am half blind in bright sunlight.
  7. Jewelry that doesn’t have to come off– this is the part that makes me sick. Unless you are traveling with a specific agenda, pick out some basics. over the years I’ve preferred to wear my tiny gold or diamond jewelry rather than my fancy pieces just because I don’t have to take them off, even while taking bath.

If you have any suggestions or further improvisation on picking out my travel clothes leave a comment below.




Photography by Susheel Sanketh Rai | Styling by Nita Dsouza

Tee: H&M | watch : Tommy Hilfiger (Shop here) | Joggers : max fashion (shop similar) | Bag and scarf: Fabels by fabindia (shop similar) | Shoes : streetstylestore (shop here)

Alway comfortable,

With love


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When Ethnic adapts to western dressing

honestly! I don’t why we keep calling cloths western dressing!!!! I find It rude and inappropriate. Haven’t we seen how the slit tunics came into style a few seasons ago? But wait let’s apply a small bit of logic to why we should stop categorizing clothes as western. If the so called western tailoring of clothes originates in Europe, Why do we call western dressing? Isn’t Europe in the eastern hemisphere? so does that not make the best of clothing eastern? Sorry, I’m just habitual inquisitive. So let’s face it the best of everything is truly in the eastern hemisphere, For once I’m proud to be eastern. Tan skin, small and annoying as hell. Wait, I just heard a news report that says china has produced more billionaires than America!

P.S. I did find this Kurta in the western (can’t kill old habits just yet) section of MAX. I will try to style it differently in a few further posts just to show you western or eastern they are just clothes.





Kurta: Max Fashions | Tights: bosini (very old) | Necklace : Fabindia: | watch: Tommy Hilfiger | Sandals : payless stores
Alway stay truly eastern.

With pride.


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A friend of mine once said wear the right shoes and you are dressed up.


In my case, I’d say wear the right accessories and you’ve worn your armor on a bad outfit day. It’s not like I don’t love the outfit, over the years I’ve just grown too health to fit into it anymore.Also! It’s shrunk length-wise, The rest of which stayed the same. I die for clothes with pockets and the was an amazing soul sante buy. Long before the place got ridiculously crowded. The layering is perfect in this confused weather since all the fabric is cotton. P.S. I almost dumped this outfit shoot. But I’m ❤ ❤ ❤ crushing on the sunnies and how can I dump the shoot when my photographer makes my outfit look good.



dress: Summer love @ soul sante| Tee: Forever 21 |  shoes: FABELS by Fabindia | Bag belong to my mom | sunnies: H&M

Alway sunny

With love.


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Donald duck has always been my childhood’s strangest memory! His hyperactive drama, incessant chatter, always ready to chase something! and yet he was a duck! Aren’t ducks suppose to wobble around? Be clumsy? Yet Donald duck had a never-ending spark to him. I remember the first time I shared something special with Donald duck, it was at summer drawing camp when we were drawing cartoons. When everyone was drawing mickey mouse I drew Donald. Then onwards drawing Donald grew to become an obsession, his face was drawn in every end page of my notebooks. I even learnt to draw his face with my eyes closed.
Over time in high school the importance of teenage detective story books and Jane Austen’s tragic happy ending put Donald duck in the back until that random day when my English teacher announced we had a spot elocution on random topics and we had to make a two-minute speech on the given topic! Petrified… Never was I a kid of the spotlight. But I managed, every word fumbled and stumbled, although my request for a retry was denied! I must have done something right. A few years later I even discovered I shared a birthday with Walt Disney.


Photography by wanderlust artist | styling and editing by Nita Dsouza

Tee: local Malaysian shopping (has a brand tag in a language I don’t know!)| Skinny jeans: forever 21| Socks: Bata| Shoes: Koovs (shop here)| TV Charm necklace: Splash| Latex bands: Really old picked up when I was in High school| Finger ring: accessorize| Sunglasses: Zara.

And come back after the summer

I kept telling myself “put the whole outfit 😋” it just didn’t work out! Gosh! I looked so fat! (summer is the worst time to try to lose weight) And the horrible slippers! I still don’t understand the comfort trend? So what happens to women like me who are not so fond of wedges and the block heels? FYI in my experience when you fall with your wedges on you are at greater risk of twisting your ankles. I guess I should look on the bright side Because the comfort trend also brought in a wave of sneakers and loafers ❤ ❤ ❤ The oxfords and the brogues.

So then like all fashion bloggers and Instagrammers I decided to crop the pictures to show you the best part of the outfit, and also because I couldn’t waste the amazing feeling of running away on breezy whimsical journey every time I looked at the images, and mostly because I love the upper half of the outfit. The pink shades cool off the summer while the starry cuff gives the euphoric fluidity of a wine filled mind, that reached out to the sky to grab the stars hiding behind the clouds.

IMG_1801 merrisa50

IMG_1773 merrisaa50

IMG_1803 merissa50
Photography by wanderlust artist | styling and editing by Nita Dsouza

Jacket: only | wine tee: forever 21 | sunglasses: Aldo| Cuff: community flee market

So feel inspired and figure out the rest of the outfit.  Hope u like it.

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