After traveling for a while being back in the city my judgment a bit hazy about what to wear. So when I had to step out on a sunny afternoon. The simplest shift dress is always the best option. No drama no confusion, a shift dress, pumps and well rounded basic sunglasses and we are ready to go.



Dress: Westside (shop here) | bag gifted by mom | Ring: Mia by Tanishq | Watch Tommy Hilfiger | shoes: forever 21 @

With love.


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I’ve learnt it the tough way. when you are at home where out of work or because you work at home, it is very important to be dressed up. It’s easier to stay in you PJ’s. It also typically translates to the not hassle morning of what to wear. Also, it would mean lesser laundry, lesser reasons to get out of bed, no reason to not stay blanket covered on the couch, and A million reasons to stay lazy. The simple task that we would love to avoid because PJs are so much more comfortable, it is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

I know Its a tedious process to get up pick out clothes to wear especially if you know however the possibility of getting out of the house is one out of a 100. So let’s not take so much trouble lets simplify the choices. Two piece outfit means You spend that extra two minutes pairing your clothes. So let’s pick out a one piece outfit. It took me a while to realize why my wardrobe was getting filled with dresses.

DSCN7366 done

Also, typically in Bangalore, it can get strangely cold at times. But that’s nothing to worry about. simple rescues are a hot cup of green tea or coffee and the basic bright cover-ups 😉 Most of all don’t forget to wear a basic eyeliner and lip colour/gloss. Oh hey! also always wear the watch. I wear the G watch to keep track of the updates that come to my phone, So I never miss an important updated.

collage none

Dress: ONLY

Watch: LG G watch

Shawl: every local garments store.

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