Sometimes I like ugly dressing!

Remember the time when ugly was trending. Sometimes I feel the trend is still around. The vetements are in trend theses days. But I’m always for keeping the outfit simple. Not everyone can be a Lady gaga or Taylor swift. And Honestly Off stage I can bet their personal style screams COMFORT, there is only so much you can do to be dramatic. The chain is a basic styling addition for me to the outfit, Every time I’m confused about what to wear I pick out the first long chain and wear it. I guess it’s my teenage thing because I never had enough money to buy myself enough accessories. So the long chain pendants were the cheapest fix  😉 But like always I’ wearing printed pants which are my crazy comfort zone. The tailored Printed pants are neither rigid like denim nor stuck up like trousers. They are a perfect comfort outfit.






Tee: H&M |  shoes: Forever 21 | watch : sonata | Printed pants: Jabong | Necklace: Local Brigade road @ Bangalore | ring : Jewellers street @ Bangalore | Bag is Moms gift (Shop Similar here)

Comfort is style’s second name.

With love.


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