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Go ahead and call me boring and old school and whatever your little adolescent mind thinks of, But I will say it because it does bother me how you’ll killed the rethink desi style during Diwali! (Forgive me I don’t come from a generation where saying killed or slaying means anything good) Please don’t get me wrong but it is amazing how the bigger brands decided to drag the mature bloggers too into the #rethinkdesi trend. P.S. proves none of you actually do wear Indian ethnic clothing, Because if you did then you would know the wearing a saree over denim will have you tripping over the pleats as soon as you step forward!

green-palazzo-pants6green palazzo pants 9.jpg

Photography by Susheel Sanketh Rai | Styling by Nita Dsouza

Black tunic/ kurta : Max fashion | Palazzo: Mrygnayni |  shoes: forever21 | Earings: Fabindia | Stole: Fabindia : silk sling bag with Kantha work on it was bought at a silk exhibit cum sale | And yes some of you would have guessed it right I picked the necklace off the street for Rs.150

True to Desi

With love.


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When Ethnic adapts to western dressing

honestly! I don’t why we keep calling cloths western dressing!!!! I find It rude and inappropriate. Haven’t we seen how the slit tunics came into style a few seasons ago? But wait let’s apply a small bit of logic to why we should stop categorizing clothes as western. If the so called western tailoring of clothes originates in Europe, Why do we call western dressing? Isn’t Europe in the eastern hemisphere? so does that not make the best of clothing eastern? Sorry, I’m just habitual inquisitive. So let’s face it the best of everything is truly in the eastern hemisphere, For once I’m proud to be eastern. Tan skin, small and annoying as hell. Wait, I just heard a news report that says china has produced more billionaires than America!

P.S. I did find this Kurta in the western (can’t kill old habits just yet) section of MAX. I will try to style it differently in a few further posts just to show you western or eastern they are just clothes.





Kurta: Max Fashions | Tights: bosini (very old) | Necklace : Fabindia: | watch: Tommy Hilfiger | Sandals : payless stores
Alway stay truly eastern.

With pride.


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At the time I joined Pre-university college, it had become a trend for colleges to make Indian ethnic wear the dress code. Student’s wore kurta’s and teachers wore saree’s. But of course, I do not approve of this dress code and never have because it’s is gender biased. The boys still wear shirts and trousers, why can’t all of us just wear kurta’s to college. We are all still Indian, right?  All in all, I didn’t like the dress code all the more because back then it was impossible to acquire XS sizes for  petite girls. Everything in the market was always too loose and tailors were a lot of effort and time.

Really wish I had the branded options that are available now back then. So many reasonably priced kurta’s in the market, god knows I would have been better dressed and a lot cooler than the cool kids. The only sad thing about all the branded kurta’s in the market is the are in the majority of 3/4th sleeves. Sometimes I tell myself that the selection of kurta’s in my wardrobe would be better if the sleeves didn’t cover the elbow.


4Photography by wanderlust artist | styling and editing by Nita Dsouza

My verdict: I still love kurta’s for summer, and pairing the palazzo with them brings the breezy feeling to cool off the season. The one thing I really miss about the college attire are the pointlessly large earrings some of us used to wear. even I had two of my own, although i was never much of a mainstream kinda kid.


Kurta: aurelia (shop here) | Palazzo: Safina Plaza, Bangalore| Shoes: Blak| Bag and bangle : Brigade road, Bangalore| Earings: Jiva, picked it up at the United charities bazaar that happens every Christmas.

I wasn’t really Indian. Being a Christian in India was like being the unwanted child left behind by our forefathers who were unwanted settlers. Of course, a lot of things of the past have lost their importance over the years. Also being named Nita made it difficult for the average Indian to even believe I was Christian. I used to hate wearing Indian wear, primarily because during every national event and holiday I never had a proper outfit to wear to school. Until of course I discovered the saree, something I adapted pretty quickly too. But kurta’s was a “never want to wear” feeling.

IMG_1957 kevin75

However, those feelings fade growing up. It doesn’t really matter because I was never expected to wear Indian ethnic to any of the major events. What really happened was, I discovered a new love for Indian wear when I worked for Fabindia for two years. The best challenge at the job was the ability to mix and match the available products to create a full outfit. Kurtha, pajama, and dupatta too with the value adding accessories. I find summer the best time to pick out my kurtas to wear, also the best season to wear the vibrant Indian` colours.

IMG_1961 done kevin50IMG_1966 kevin50

IMG_1939 karen70

Photography by wanderlust artist | styling and editing by Nita Dsouza

I was hoping to create an all Fabindia products in the ensemble, but I guess I haven’t worked there long enough to acquire those many products. My Verdict: Kurta’s are a favourite outfit for the summers. Also, the beauty of a kurta can be magnified or destroyed by the way the dupatta is draped. Show her some love and be fully aware that she will make or break the outfit you choose to wear.

Kurta, dupatta, bangle and earrings: Fabindia

Leggings: Bossini (very old)

Footwear: Commercial st, Bangalore.

Bag: Silk exhibits cum sales

collage kevin

Hope you like it 🙂

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