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Never considered Nick Jonas much of a singer. But close is the only song that has made me ever made me look at him as an artist! The song had me play the youtube video on loop at times, also the video convinced me to pull out my military jacket from the closet. I know I wear a lot of blacks but I couldn’t get myself to wear the black tee with this jacket, although it would have created a classic military style outfit. But the combat boots and military jacket together created too much a brutal strength in the outfit and the orange bought a pleasant bit of sunshine to the outfit.

Let’s face it we are teaching our young kids that love is a battlefield even before they experience love for themselves. Yet,I have to say Tove lo sings the best part in the song.

[Tove Lo:]
Oh man, oh man
I am not really known forever being speechless
But now, but now somehow
My words roll off my tongue right onto your lips, oh
I’m keeping cool while you keep smiling
Saying all the things I’m thinking
Oh man, oh man


fight back.jpg


fight back2


 Photography by Susheel Sanketh Rai | Styling by Nita Dsouza


Jacket : Westside | tee: H&M | BFjeans:Forever21 | Shoes: Streetstylestore | Necklaces :Brigade road | Sunglasses : Koovs


Always in love,




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I never really liked Jhumkas, I always found them an over glorified part of the Indian ethnic wear. As a typical nonconformist adolescent, It gave me an extra reason to reject the Jhumkas. However working with Fabindia and dealing with the customers and employees changed my perspective on what really is conformism. One of the rules of conformism in Indian ethnic wear is Jhumkas can not be worn with western outfits. I would ignore it when a customer would say it to me with a smile on my face, but few weeks ago I had one of my own family members saying it to me 😉 Oh my, it felt like a lightning strike my face! So I just decided to break that myth. 

IMG_1096 with focal colour boostIMG_1225 new colour boostIMG_1243 new bannerSo why did a nonconformist adult decide to buy a pair of shiny brass polished pearl ending Jhumkas? I’m not sure, Maybe because I’m still an impulsive buyer and the Jhumkas were love at first sight.

Hope you like it.


IMG_1047 newIMG_1155 newIMG_1249 color boost

Photography by wanderlust artist | styling and editing by Nita Dsouza

My Verdict: The Jhumkas are just like any other statement earrings. Does it matter if I’ve worn them with a shirt? not really. The pants were a part of the trend called the paper bag waists (ref link) Love the trend but I guess I needed a size bigger cause I’ve grown fat as of now!

Shirt: Forever 21

Pant: Lara Karen @jabong

Earrings & kolapuris: commercial st.

Clutch: Fabindia


I’ve learnt it the tough way. when you are at home where out of work or because you work at home, it is very important to be dressed up. It’s easier to stay in you PJ’s. It also typically translates to the not hassle morning of what to wear. Also, it would mean lesser laundry, lesser reasons to get out of bed, no reason to not stay blanket covered on the couch, and A million reasons to stay lazy. The simple task that we would love to avoid because PJs are so much more comfortable, it is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

I know Its a tedious process to get up pick out clothes to wear especially if you know however the possibility of getting out of the house is one out of a 100. So let’s not take so much trouble lets simplify the choices. Two piece outfit means You spend that extra two minutes pairing your clothes. So let’s pick out a one piece outfit. It took me a while to realize why my wardrobe was getting filled with dresses.

DSCN7366 done

Also, typically in Bangalore, it can get strangely cold at times. But that’s nothing to worry about. simple rescues are a hot cup of green tea or coffee and the basic bright cover-ups 😉 Most of all don’t forget to wear a basic eyeliner and lip colour/gloss. Oh hey! also always wear the watch. I wear the G watch to keep track of the updates that come to my phone, So I never miss an important updated.

collage none

Dress: ONLY

Watch: LG G watch

Shawl: every local garments store.

Monday blues

Blue on Monday

We all have our own personal feeling for Mondays! I used to love Mondays when I worked in retail. The most brainless day of the week, Least number of customers (managers day off!), Half the store staff is on their weekly offs. it used to be a vacation at work! I guess the time for that is over. When you choose to work for yourself (finally!) Monday is that day of work your dragged to, Because you start discovering so many responsibilities you didn’t know exist. Do you still get the opportunity to dress up to work? Ya maybe a little bit enough to make you happy, and a lot more enough to be practically convenient when you know you don’t have meetings for the day.
However keeping in mind fully, how fat I’ve grown I guess being lethargically is excusable. Or not, who knows! I decide to wear full black, yet the unsettling felling of gloominess needed a blue denim shirt as a cover up (instead of a heavy jacket) and pink socks with floral print sneakers. Oh ya, now It felt done.
DSCN7330 editDSCN7316 edit
DSCN7324 edit
Cami : splash
Trouser: Zara
Belt : Pantaloons
Shoes & socks : Bata
 Denim Shirt : Factory reject @ Rs200

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