My name is NO! My sign is NO! My number is NO

meghan trainor no 1

Seriously, What was Meghan Trainor thinking when she made this song? I know a lot of women have this kinda attitude because of all the million valid reasons. But are We wrong to say No to everything? Yes, I would like to believe I’ve missed out a lot of good possibilities saying no to a lot of things in life. Yet when Trainor sings it out loud she makes it sound like a song sung for her boyfriend who is always rejected by these beautiful ladies saying NO.

But NO! The one thing I have never, nor will ever regret saying NO to would be buying jeans. I’ve never understood how do some people buy so many pairs of jeans. After a point don’t they all look the same? The thing about jeans is it’s the greatest creation ever in the history of fashion, and also the biggest enemy of the real fashion.  Jeans is the only trouser that individually is the most highly promoted, most worn, most idolised outfit in the world.  Do you know that the denim used to make your jeans is the cheapest fabric ever made in the world?

I’m honestly a little annoyed with the tee shirt and jeans or white shirt with jeans routine. The classics can never go wrong but let’s leave those for a space and time when we are not in the mood to take the effort to dress up. In Spite of my dislike for jeans, I fell in love with the boyfriend fit and the distressed look. So These Forever 21 jeans were a perfect find. So before I discard my perfect find I would love share with you a few ways of styling these jeans, that made me really happy, hope it does the same for you too.

meghan trainor no 3meghan trainor no 2

meghan trainor no 4

meghan trainor no shoesmeghan trainor no ring

Photography by Susheel Sanketh Rai | Styling by Nita Dsouza

White blazer: Topshop| Tee: s.Oliver | BF jeans: Forever 21 | Shoes: Koovs (shop here) | Ring and earrings: bought locally on brigade road.

Stay curious,


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Sometimes I really wish I could be Bob Marley and not give a F*** about anything.


But then I was born a girl and that ruined it for me.

I do love the peace and quiet that lets me hear the songs nature sings to us every day. Can anyone tell me how do we bring back the sparrows into the city? My dad always says while growing up my best friends were ants (because I always played with them instead of doing my homework ❤ ), God knows I will be punished on judgement day for troubling them! And for persistently chasing cats too 😉 God created all kinds of creatures big and small, He also made humans the god’s of the earth, yet we are so willfully destroying it! ❤ Yup you might have guessed it right! I’m a big sucker for the organics grown naturally from the earth. I love the softness of cotton and the flavors of organically grown foods. It is a rare occasion on which I have fallen in love with an outfit without checking it’s fabric composition.

I love to ❤ with all my heart, and find ‘hate’ a non-existent emotional state!!! Who am I kidding I do have a list of people I want dead, but I don’t find it worth the wasted effort to destroy them and make the world an unhappy place to live in! I know I wish i were a hippie but hippie’s reject evolution,and I am a sucker for technology too!

IMG_7078 lumnia 50IMG_7032 lumnia 50

IMG_7075 done

Photography by wanderlust artist | styling and editing by Nita Dsouza

Top: Fabindia (modified by me)| Boyfriend jeans : forever 21| sunglasses: Koovs (shop here) | Shoes : Ginger (shop here)





Donald duck has always been my childhood’s strangest memory! His hyperactive drama, incessant chatter, always ready to chase something! and yet he was a duck! Aren’t ducks suppose to wobble around? Be clumsy? Yet Donald duck had a never-ending spark to him. I remember the first time I shared something special with Donald duck, it was at summer drawing camp when we were drawing cartoons. When everyone was drawing mickey mouse I drew Donald. Then onwards drawing Donald grew to become an obsession, his face was drawn in every end page of my notebooks. I even learnt to draw his face with my eyes closed.
Over time in high school the importance of teenage detective story books and Jane Austen’s tragic happy ending put Donald duck in the back until that random day when my English teacher announced we had a spot elocution on random topics and we had to make a two-minute speech on the given topic! Petrified… Never was I a kid of the spotlight. But I managed, every word fumbled and stumbled, although my request for a retry was denied! I must have done something right. A few years later I even discovered I shared a birthday with Walt Disney.


Photography by wanderlust artist | styling and editing by Nita Dsouza

Tee: local Malaysian shopping (has a brand tag in a language I don’t know!)| Skinny jeans: forever 21| Socks: Bata| Shoes: Koovs (shop here)| TV Charm necklace: Splash| Latex bands: Really old picked up when I was in High school| Finger ring: accessorize| Sunglasses: Zara.

My logical brain tells me “art in itself has never achieved anything productive”. Yet the only form of art that has proved that statement wrong for me was the glorious era of pop art. All thanks to the creative advertising it generated. I wouldn’t and couldn’t care much to debate about anything about the art itself because as an average person I do not understand the many facets of art that make it so important. What I do know however is no art is good enough unless it triggers an emotion and pop art has always been a trigger in my head. Bright colours, bold outlines, almost life like yet so half way humorous about the things of everyday life.

pop5 new.jpg




collage done.jpg
Photography by wanderlust artist | styling and editing by Nita Dsouza


If you were to put me in a space filled with roy Lichtenstein paintings and “I would rather drown than call for help”. 

Top & shoes: forever 21 | Pant: mango| scarf:splash

Curious trend: corals comimg back in trend, this time round I really wish it isn’t paired with pastels.

And come back after the summer

I kept telling myself “put the whole outfit 😋” it just didn’t work out! Gosh! I looked so fat! (summer is the worst time to try to lose weight) And the horrible slippers! I still don’t understand the comfort trend? So what happens to women like me who are not so fond of wedges and the block heels? FYI in my experience when you fall with your wedges on you are at greater risk of twisting your ankles. I guess I should look on the bright side Because the comfort trend also brought in a wave of sneakers and loafers ❤ ❤ ❤ The oxfords and the brogues.

So then like all fashion bloggers and Instagrammers I decided to crop the pictures to show you the best part of the outfit, and also because I couldn’t waste the amazing feeling of running away on breezy whimsical journey every time I looked at the images, and mostly because I love the upper half of the outfit. The pink shades cool off the summer while the starry cuff gives the euphoric fluidity of a wine filled mind, that reached out to the sky to grab the stars hiding behind the clouds.

IMG_1801 merrisa50

IMG_1773 merrisaa50

IMG_1803 merissa50
Photography by wanderlust artist | styling and editing by Nita Dsouza

Jacket: only | wine tee: forever 21 | sunglasses: Aldo| Cuff: community flee market

So feel inspired and figure out the rest of the outfit.  Hope u like it.

I never really liked Jhumkas, I always found them an over glorified part of the Indian ethnic wear. As a typical nonconformist adolescent, It gave me an extra reason to reject the Jhumkas. However working with Fabindia and dealing with the customers and employees changed my perspective on what really is conformism. One of the rules of conformism in Indian ethnic wear is Jhumkas can not be worn with western outfits. I would ignore it when a customer would say it to me with a smile on my face, but few weeks ago I had one of my own family members saying it to me 😉 Oh my, it felt like a lightning strike my face! So I just decided to break that myth. 

IMG_1096 with focal colour boostIMG_1225 new colour boostIMG_1243 new bannerSo why did a nonconformist adult decide to buy a pair of shiny brass polished pearl ending Jhumkas? I’m not sure, Maybe because I’m still an impulsive buyer and the Jhumkas were love at first sight.

Hope you like it.


IMG_1047 newIMG_1155 newIMG_1249 color boost

Photography by wanderlust artist | styling and editing by Nita Dsouza

My Verdict: The Jhumkas are just like any other statement earrings. Does it matter if I’ve worn them with a shirt? not really. The pants were a part of the trend called the paper bag waists (ref link) Love the trend but I guess I needed a size bigger cause I’ve grown fat as of now!

Shirt: Forever 21

Pant: Lara Karen @jabong

Earrings & kolapuris: commercial st.

Clutch: Fabindia



Distance makes the heart grow fonder, so when your almost American brother is visiting India invites the whole world home, it becomes the awesome excuse for us to host a cousin’s meet up. All the more awesomely perfect is when the cousins agree to meet up for breakfast! On a Sunday! But as a typical Indian agreement of sorts, both parties do not keep their end of the bargain, my brother called them all too early and my cousins turn up too late for breakfast.

so what’s the best option for an outfit when you are the host, technically my mom is but I am her personal assistant 😉 at home, you need something light, won’t hinder ur movement while attending,  and still look like I’m at home and comfortable. what a perfect excuse to wear my yellow dress. The cotton makes it light and breezy, The small red flowers makes it pretty and pleasant, and the yellow makes it a bright and happy.




Dress : Fabindia

Shoes: Allen Solly

Earing: Accessorize

Sunglasses: Forever 21


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