Life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation

The Matrix is one of those movies you have to watch for all philosophical reasons! The trilogy inspired me in many ways and makes it worth the watch from time to time. It is the climax that made the trilogy worth the watch. The climax states one of the most profound facts of human behavior that most of us would not accept because we want to believe each one of us is created differently from the other.Yet truly humans are all created the same, it’s the choices we make that make us different. Being male or female, girl or woman, Cat or dog is of little significance. As human, we all share the same love, hate, pride, respect … what makes us different are the choices we make to react to the situations and the emotions we exhibit.

😛 However, I was never much of a flowy outfit kind of a person until the recent past when capes started flooding the market in different forms. this is probably the residue of the trend but I love the trailing effect of the pull over when I walk, and the snug and cozy fit of the turtleneck and full sleeves. P.s. I’ve folded the sleeves. Hope you see some resemblance because I’m no neo or trinity out the save mankind. Just a pointless kid walking down the street, trying to save someone from making bad fashion choices.


matrix 2matrix 1

matrix 4
Photography by Susheel Sanketh Rai | Styling by Nita Dsouza

Pullover: femella | camisole: splash | BF jeans: forever21 | shoes and sunglasses : forever 21 | earrings : cove

Stay curious,


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Sometimes I really wish I could be Bob Marley and not give a F*** about anything.


But then I was born a girl and that ruined it for me.

I do love the peace and quiet that lets me hear the songs nature sings to us every day. Can anyone tell me how do we bring back the sparrows into the city? My dad always says while growing up my best friends were ants (because I always played with them instead of doing my homework ❤ ), God knows I will be punished on judgement day for troubling them! And for persistently chasing cats too 😉 God created all kinds of creatures big and small, He also made humans the god’s of the earth, yet we are so willfully destroying it! ❤ Yup you might have guessed it right! I’m a big sucker for the organics grown naturally from the earth. I love the softness of cotton and the flavors of organically grown foods. It is a rare occasion on which I have fallen in love with an outfit without checking it’s fabric composition.

I love to ❤ with all my heart, and find ‘hate’ a non-existent emotional state!!! Who am I kidding I do have a list of people I want dead, but I don’t find it worth the wasted effort to destroy them and make the world an unhappy place to live in! I know I wish i were a hippie but hippie’s reject evolution,and I am a sucker for technology too!

IMG_7078 lumnia 50IMG_7032 lumnia 50

IMG_7075 done

Photography by wanderlust artist | styling and editing by Nita Dsouza

Top: Fabindia (modified by me)| Boyfriend jeans : forever 21| sunglasses: Koovs (shop here) | Shoes : Ginger (shop here)




Pigeons don’t like marron!

Pigeons 9 done

Pigeons1 done


At my first job, I had to park my beautiful marron 800 in the open parking space next to the building wall where the pigeons nested. It was annoying how often they found a way to consistently dishevel only my car! C’mon, there were atleast eight other cars to shit on. Apparently they liked to shit only on the maroon cars. But no! I didn’t dress up in the maroon block print dhoti pants to test my theory, however, I did notice the pigeons would run away at the sight of me. Is it in my head? I highly doubt that! Pigeons are strangely hungry creatures. When they are eating they don’t care so much anyone’s invasion of privacy into their space.

Cubbon park has always been a strange place to me. Major part of all my school summers has been in and out of the Bal bavan. Yet the park was like a real life Narnia to my tiny mind, the grandfather trees with the gigantor government buildings. I still don’t think I’ve truly seen even half the park. Until this day out at the park, I didn’t even know there was a designated space for the band of the parks own pigeons.

Pigeons2 donepigeons02pigeons04pigeons01Photography by wanderlust artist | styling and editing by Nita Dsouza

Top: FABELS by fabindia| Dhoti pant & juthis: fabindia| Jewellery: Brigade road

I wasn’t really Indian. Being a Christian in India was like being the unwanted child left behind by our forefathers who were unwanted settlers. Of course, a lot of things of the past have lost their importance over the years. Also being named Nita made it difficult for the average Indian to even believe I was Christian. I used to hate wearing Indian wear, primarily because during every national event and holiday I never had a proper outfit to wear to school. Until of course I discovered the saree, something I adapted pretty quickly too. But kurta’s was a “never want to wear” feeling.

IMG_1957 kevin75

However, those feelings fade growing up. It doesn’t really matter because I was never expected to wear Indian ethnic to any of the major events. What really happened was, I discovered a new love for Indian wear when I worked for Fabindia for two years. The best challenge at the job was the ability to mix and match the available products to create a full outfit. Kurtha, pajama, and dupatta too with the value adding accessories. I find summer the best time to pick out my kurtas to wear, also the best season to wear the vibrant Indian` colours.

IMG_1961 done kevin50IMG_1966 kevin50

IMG_1939 karen70

Photography by wanderlust artist | styling and editing by Nita Dsouza

I was hoping to create an all Fabindia products in the ensemble, but I guess I haven’t worked there long enough to acquire those many products. My Verdict: Kurta’s are a favourite outfit for the summers. Also, the beauty of a kurta can be magnified or destroyed by the way the dupatta is draped. Show her some love and be fully aware that she will make or break the outfit you choose to wear.

Kurta, dupatta, bangle and earrings: Fabindia

Leggings: Bossini (very old)

Footwear: Commercial st, Bangalore.

Bag: Silk exhibits cum sales

collage kevin

Hope you like it 🙂

I never really liked Jhumkas, I always found them an over glorified part of the Indian ethnic wear. As a typical nonconformist adolescent, It gave me an extra reason to reject the Jhumkas. However working with Fabindia and dealing with the customers and employees changed my perspective on what really is conformism. One of the rules of conformism in Indian ethnic wear is Jhumkas can not be worn with western outfits. I would ignore it when a customer would say it to me with a smile on my face, but few weeks ago I had one of my own family members saying it to me 😉 Oh my, it felt like a lightning strike my face! So I just decided to break that myth. 

IMG_1096 with focal colour boostIMG_1225 new colour boostIMG_1243 new bannerSo why did a nonconformist adult decide to buy a pair of shiny brass polished pearl ending Jhumkas? I’m not sure, Maybe because I’m still an impulsive buyer and the Jhumkas were love at first sight.

Hope you like it.


IMG_1047 newIMG_1155 newIMG_1249 color boost

Photography by wanderlust artist | styling and editing by Nita Dsouza

My Verdict: The Jhumkas are just like any other statement earrings. Does it matter if I’ve worn them with a shirt? not really. The pants were a part of the trend called the paper bag waists (ref link) Love the trend but I guess I needed a size bigger cause I’ve grown fat as of now!

Shirt: Forever 21

Pant: Lara Karen @jabong

Earrings & kolapuris: commercial st.

Clutch: Fabindia



Distance makes the heart grow fonder, so when your almost American brother is visiting India invites the whole world home, it becomes the awesome excuse for us to host a cousin’s meet up. All the more awesomely perfect is when the cousins agree to meet up for breakfast! On a Sunday! But as a typical Indian agreement of sorts, both parties do not keep their end of the bargain, my brother called them all too early and my cousins turn up too late for breakfast.

so what’s the best option for an outfit when you are the host, technically my mom is but I am her personal assistant 😉 at home, you need something light, won’t hinder ur movement while attending,  and still look like I’m at home and comfortable. what a perfect excuse to wear my yellow dress. The cotton makes it light and breezy, The small red flowers makes it pretty and pleasant, and the yellow makes it a bright and happy.




Dress : Fabindia

Shoes: Allen Solly

Earing: Accessorize

Sunglasses: Forever 21


New year resolutions

After the first three days of the year I realised all over again why I have never been a fan of new year’s. I believe it is one of the worse excuses to celebrate.December is one of the best time of the year for me, It starts with my Birthday and ends with Christmas. As a kid it was the best time of the year to do shopping.
Soon after Christmas starts the paramount of lies we like to tell ourselves. “the best is yet to come”, “I will keep my resolutions this year”, And those lazy louts who prefer to mock themselves for not keeping or even making resolutions. It’s amusing to watch young boys coming to the park to jog in the evening, By the end of the month would like to know how many of them are still on track to achieve their goals.
So make a deal with yourself, don’t ever make false promises to yourself, Don’t make resolutions that you were never suppose to make because you know you won’t keep them and it’s not in your nature e.g. to exercise and lose weight. Instead discover yourself and set realistic goal (like I will drink a green tea with every dessert I eat) that won’t make you guilty of the things you never resolved to get done. Spend more time with people so that you discover who truly cares for you, and build a meaningful relationship with them. Find a new hobby to keep your idle mind occupied. And be more productive and have a satisfying year ahead ( Vaibhav I had to quote your choice of words).
So remember don’t make resolutions, make realistic goals you can achieve. Lets fell a bit less guilty this year.
Have A happy year ahead in 2016.

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