Oh k! let’s go through the last 5 posts about boyfriend jeans and do a line up.

The boyfriend jeans I chose was just a small bit distressed and patch dyed (random Ombre affect I guess). None the less I have to say I’ve been in loose clothes mostly because I’ve grown fat! Every time I start to loose weight I seem to fall sick n grow fat again. But I still prefer looser fits to the skin hugging clothes ( Is there any term for skin suffocation?!! ) I’m not a big fan of skinny jeans except when I was skinny.

I’m going to do this line up in a reverse order from the one I love to my all time favourite. Honestly, I love them all but based on feedback I changed my mind to and fro about the outfits ūüėõ

5. #2 The choice

Dematrix 2scription: Black overlap asymmetric pullover with a black cami and kitten heels.

Category: Basic casual

This is something I’d wear to go on a walk down the street. I wore it for a weekend lunch at a neighbours house. I wore it to post office, grocery store and to the doctor’s appointment. The outfit is one of those everyday wearables that will still have you stand out in the crowd.  So It’s not a big deal and takes the bottom spot.

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4. #5 love is not a battlefield

IMG_1282Description: Military jacket with peach tee and layered chains and boots

Category: Road trip casuals

I was watching the song CLOSE by Nick Jonas feat Tove Lo on loop when I decided to pull out my military jacket. Off late, road trips a few kilometers out of the city have become a thing with my weekends. It is a perfect travel outfit with the boots to protect your feet and the jacket to keep you warm. I’ve owned that jacket for almost 10 years. It spent most of its life sitting in the back seat of my car because Bangalore has unpredictable weather and very prone to rains. It is my car buddy jacket especially when I drove home late nights from work.

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3. #3 Let’s adult up a bit

adult 3Description: Green floral block printed khadi jacket with a magenta cami and nude pumps.

Category: Semi Formal

As A fashion consultant, I’ve spent a lot of time dealing with perceptions and altering them. But the jacket is a classic And I’ve worn it a few times on social must attend with friends excuse to have a good time. Like the lunch at The Catholic club on independence day and the jacket was complimented by everyone around, young and old alike. If I were to list my favourite based on the image alone this would be my #1. The jacket is a perfect add on for work and social wears

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2. #4 Feels like an evil queen

warrior princess 4Description: spear head necklace with Bardot top, oxblood clutch, and golden zipper boots.

Category: occasion specific

I have to say when I posted the outfit at the beginning of last month. It did end up getting the most number of responses and the only reason it made me very happy. For an average person, the necklace would be a massive statement the to make. Typically I would call this a perfect outfit for a night out but since I’m not a night out kind of person, I would say It’s perfect for any gathering when you want to stand out in the crowd. Every time I look at it I feel like a rebel princess or evil queen about to punch you in the face and sometimes it feels like an in between Rihanna and Taylor Swift.

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1. #1 The perfect find

meghan trainor no 1Description: White jacket, yellow tee, white sneakers and a big ring

Category: Everyday work wear casual

Yes! I know this is not typical work wear to Office but it is for me. Truth is I grew up in Bangalore and the city was very known for the jeans culture (It is appropriate to wear jeans everywhere and anywhere! ) The large working class population makes denims the perfect weekend outfit.This works for me because when I’m not at my desk, I’m shuffling meetings and random shopping rounds the Jacket gives a feel good effect and the sneakers give my feet the required comfort, Because walking in the city of gardens is still a delight in Bangalore and the city’s new and improved footpaths just made my walk easier.

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So which one did you like the best? Let me know in a comment below



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Cause space was just a word made up by someone who’s afraid to get close

Never considered Nick Jonas much of a singer. But close is the only song that¬†has made me ever made me look at him as an artist! The song had me play the youtube video on loop at times, also the video convinced me to pull out my military¬†jacket¬†from the closet. I know I wear a lot of blacks but I couldn’t get myself to wear the black tee with this jacket, although it would have created a classic¬†military style outfit. But the combat boots and military jacket together created too much a brutal strength¬†in the outfit and the orange bought a pleasant¬†bit of sunshine to the outfit.

Let’s face it we are teaching our young kids that love is a battlefield¬†even before they experience love for themselves. Yet,I have to say Tove lo sings the best part in the song.

[Tove Lo:]
Oh man, oh man
I am not really known forever being speechless
But now, but now somehow
My words roll off my tongue right onto your lips, oh
I’m keeping cool while you keep smiling
Saying all the things I’m thinking
Oh man, oh man


fight back.jpg


fight back2


 Photography by Susheel Sanketh Rai | Styling by Nita Dsouza


Jacket : Westside | tee: H&M | BFjeans:Forever21 | Shoes: Streetstylestore | Necklaces :Brigade road | Sunglasses : Koovs


Always in love,




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“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter” – Mark Twain

Ok! she called me a socialite! don’t know if that was to be a compliment or otherwise? I would like to believe it was a compliment. Anything that can make me look my age is always a winner in my closet¬†because my dad still treats me like an 8year old. It really isn’t my fault I was created so small, that most of the time people find it difficult to guess my age right. But who cares right? I’ve always found more pros to being petite than cons.

But it isn’t all that hard to look all grown up. In India, power¬†dressing amongst the elite¬†is becoming¬†very typical. Keep in mind a few basic rules:

  • All handloom fabrics are Awesome!
  • Anything¬†of exaggerated lengths¬†is meant¬†for royalty
  • Pick out a monochromatic scheme of colours because they are in perfect harmony
  • Last but not the least, wear jewellery. Either small and delicate with precision¬†craftsmanship or oversized and bold statement¬†pieces.
  • Last but not least, a classic pair of shoes.

I’m I there? Do you think¬†I look grown up enough to you? I really hope I do.

adult 1adult 2adult 3adult 4

adult 5 Photography by Susheel Sanketh Rai | Styling by Nita Dsouza

Khadi jacket: Fabels by Fabindia | T-shirt: h&m | BF jeans: Forever21 | shoes : Allen Solly | Jewellery: Accessorize

Always curious,




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Life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation

The Matrix is one of those movies you have to watch for all philosophical reasons! The trilogy inspired¬†me in many ways¬†and makes it worth the watch from time to time. It is the climax that made the trilogy worth the watch. The climax states one of the most profound facts of human behavior that most of us would not accept because we want to believe each one of us is created differently from the other.Yet truly humans are all created the same, it’s the choices we make that make us different. Being male or female, girl or woman, Cat or dog is of little significance. As human,¬†we all share the same¬†love, hate, pride, respect … what makes us different¬†are the choices we make to react to the situations and the emotions we exhibit.

ūüėõ However, I was never much of a flowy outfit kind of a person until the recent past when capes started flooding the market in different¬†forms. this is probably the residue of the trend but I love the trailing effect of the pull over when I walk, and the snug and cozy fit of the turtleneck and full sleeves. P.s. I’ve folded the sleeves. Hope you see some resemblance because I’m no neo or trinity out the save mankind. Just a pointless kid walking down the street, trying to save someone from making bad fashion choices.


matrix 2matrix 1

matrix 4
Photography by Susheel Sanketh Rai | Styling by Nita Dsouza

Pullover: femella | camisole: splash | BF jeans: forever21 | shoes and sunglasses : forever 21 | earrings : cove

Stay curious,


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My name is NO! My sign is NO! My number is NO

meghan trainor no 1

Seriously, What was Meghan Trainor thinking when she made this song? I know a lot of women have this kinda attitude because of all the million valid reasons. But are We wrong to say No to everything? Yes, I would like to believe I’ve missed out a lot of good possibilities saying no to a lot of things in life. Yet when Trainor sings it out loud she makes it sound like a song sung for her boyfriend who is always rejected by these beautiful ladies saying NO.

But NO! The one thing I have never, nor will ever regret saying NO to would be buying jeans. I’ve never understood how do some people buy so many pairs of jeans. After a point don’t they all look the same? The thing about jeans is it’s the greatest creation ever in the history of fashion, and also the biggest enemy of the real fashion.  Jeans is the only trouser that individually is the most highly promoted, most worn, most idolised outfit in the world.  Do you know that the denim used to make your jeans is the cheapest fabric ever made in the world?

I’m honestly a little annoyed with the tee shirt and jeans or white shirt with jeans routine. The classics can never go wrong but let’s leave those for a space and time when we are not in the mood to take the effort to dress up. In Spite of my dislike for jeans, I fell in love with the boyfriend fit and the distressed look. So These Forever 21 jeans were a perfect find. So before I discard my perfect find I would love share with you a few ways of styling these jeans, that made me really happy, hope it does the same for you too.

meghan trainor no 3meghan trainor no 2

meghan trainor no 4

meghan trainor no shoesmeghan trainor no ring

Photography by Susheel Sanketh Rai | Styling by Nita Dsouza

White blazer: Topshop| Tee: s.Oliver | BF jeans: Forever 21 | Shoes: Koovs (shop here) | Ring and earrings: bought locally on brigade road.

Stay curious,


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Sometimes I really wish I could be Bob Marley and not give a F*** about anything.


But then I was born a girl and that ruined it for me.

I do love the peace and quiet that lets me hear the songs nature sings to us every day. Can anyone tell me how do we bring back the sparrows into the city? My dad always says while growing up my best friends were ants (because I always played with them instead of doing my homework ‚̧ ), God knows I will be punished on judgement day for troubling them! And for persistently chasing cats too ūüėČ God created all kinds of creatures big and small, He also made humans the god‚Äôs of the earth, yet we are so willfully destroying it! ‚̧ Yup you might have guessed it right! I‚Äôm a big sucker for the organics grown naturally from the earth. I love the softness of cotton and the flavors of organically grown foods. It is a rare occasion on which I have fallen in love with an outfit without checking it‚Äôs fabric composition.

I love to ‚̧ with all my heart, and find ‚Äėhate‚Äô a non-existent emotional state!!! Who am I kidding I do have a list of people I want dead, but I don‚Äôt find it worth the wasted effort to destroy them and make the world an unhappy place to live in! I know I wish i were a hippie¬†but hippie‚Äôs reject evolution,and I am a sucker for technology too!

IMG_7078 lumnia 50IMG_7032 lumnia 50

IMG_7075 done

Photography by wanderlust artist | styling and editing by Nita Dsouza

Top: Fabindia (modified by me)| Boyfriend jeans : forever 21| sunglasses: Koovs (shop here) | Shoes : Ginger (shop here)





Donald duck has always been my childhood’s strangest memory! His hyperactive drama, incessant chatter, always ready to chase something! and yet he was a duck! Aren’t ducks suppose to wobble around? Be clumsy? Yet Donald duck had a never-ending spark to him. I remember the first time I shared something special with Donald duck, it was at summer drawing camp when we were drawing cartoons. When everyone was drawing mickey mouse I drew Donald. Then onwards drawing¬†Donald grew to become an obsession, his face was drawn in every end page of my notebooks. I even learnt to draw his face with my eyes closed.
Over time in high school the importance of teenage detective story books and Jane Austen’s tragic happy ending put Donald duck in the back until that random day when my English teacher announced we had a spot elocution on random topics and we had to make a two-minute speech on the given topic! Petrified… Never was I a kid of the spotlight. But I managed, every word fumbled¬†and stumbled, although my request for a retry was denied! I must have done something right. A few years later I even discovered I shared a birthday with Walt Disney.


Photography by wanderlust artist | styling and editing by Nita Dsouza

Tee: local Malaysian¬†shopping (has a brand tag in a language I don’t know!)| Skinny jeans: forever 21| Socks: Bata| Shoes: Koovs¬†(shop here)| TV Charm necklace: Splash| Latex bands: Really old picked up when I was in High school| Finger ring: accessorize| Sunglasses: Zara.

Monday blues

Blue on Monday

We all have our own personal feeling for Mondays! I used to love Mondays when I worked in retail. The most brainless day of the week, Least number of customers (managers day off!), Half the store staff is on their weekly offs. it used to be a vacation at work! I guess the time for that is over. When you choose to work for yourself (finally!) Monday is that day of work your dragged to, Because you start discovering so many responsibilities you didn’t know exist. Do you still get the opportunity to dress up to work? Ya maybe a little bit enough to make you happy, and a lot more enough to be practically convenient when you know you don’t have meetings for the day.
However keeping in mind fully, how fat I’ve grown I guess being lethargically is excusable. Or not, who knows! I decide to wear full black, yet the unsettling felling of gloominess needed a blue denim shirt as a cover up (instead of a heavy jacket) and pink socks with floral print sneakers. Oh ya, now It felt done.
DSCN7330 editDSCN7316 edit
DSCN7324 edit
Cami : splash
Trouser: Zara
Belt : Pantaloons
Shoes & socks : Bata
 Denim Shirt : Factory reject @ Rs200

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