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I’m surprised! But why can’t one person actually choose to talk about the one thing all the new bunch of kids are singing. We have spent one entire lifetime calling men womanizers and calling women loving and caring ones. really? I didn’t know! I’d be surprised if anyone of my boyfriends called me loving and caring.

We’ve sincerely tried to be good for you. Then it slowly starts falling apart and my mind starts working round the clock to figure it out. When it becomes the most difficult task, we need to shake it off.

However days go by, and then you find this cute love. You spend time thinking it’s true love, slowly it becomes the blank space you are trying to fill but becomes our wildest dream eventually we get sick of the same old love but we can’t keep our hands to ourselves. And then we finally want to get out of the woods and into the clear.

Does my story sound familiar? I’m sure you all still live in denial if you aren’t saying yes. It’s ok I guess because even after coming into the clear you might just get stuck in someone else’s wild dream. Are you a guy? do you think your story is any different?

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