Cause space was just a word made up by someone who’s afraid to get close

Never considered Nick Jonas much of a singer. But close is the only song that has made me ever made me look at him as an artist! The song had me play the youtube video on loop at times, also the video convinced me to pull out my military jacket from the closet. I know I wear a lot of blacks but I couldn’t get myself to wear the black tee with this jacket, although it would have created a classic military style outfit. But the combat boots and military jacket together created too much a brutal strength in the outfit and the orange bought a pleasant bit of sunshine to the outfit.

Let’s face it we are teaching our young kids that love is a battlefield even before they experience love for themselves. Yet,I have to say Tove lo sings the best part in the song.

[Tove Lo:]
Oh man, oh man
I am not really known forever being speechless
But now, but now somehow
My words roll off my tongue right onto your lips, oh
I’m keeping cool while you keep smiling
Saying all the things I’m thinking
Oh man, oh man


fight back.jpg


fight back2


 Photography by Susheel Sanketh Rai | Styling by Nita Dsouza


Jacket : Westside | tee: H&M | BFjeans:Forever21 | Shoes: Streetstylestore | Necklaces :Brigade road | Sunglasses : Koovs


Always in love,




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I like the way she says it, heartbreak is the national anthem!

romantic 5.jpg

We seem to have become the pain generation. Back in the 90’s artists would always sing about love, to a point where I felt like they were always going to die of a LOVE overdose. Who was to know that the generation NOW wants to make songs only about heart breaks. Maybe my generation did die of a love overdose? Or maybe the world is conspiring to give the heartbreakers their time in the spotlight? Pain seems to have become the new high.

But some things still haven’t changed, I think Taylor Swift manages to sum up the wild errors of a young idealistic mind in her song new romantics. Some of my favourite parts of the song are

We wait for trains that just aren’t coming. why were you waiting for things to happen? what did you do to make it happen? nothing substitutes hard work and sincere effort.

We’re so young but we’re on the road to ruin. We play dumb but we know exactly what we’re doing. The early 20’s something mind that assumes that instinct is better than knowledge! If you’ve grown older, you’d know instincts grow sharper with knowledge.

We need love, but all we want is danger. Can someone help me out here? How many times have you fallen in love knowing fully well you are with the wrong person?

We team up then switch sides like a record changer. again?

The rumors are terrible and cruel, But honey, most of them are true. Let’s accept it, rumors don’t create themselves.

The best people in life are free. Ok! Bambi you lost me here, Free from what? Let’s face it your brain still wants to be an idealist even after knowing reality.

So Why am I still talking about Taylor and her crazy song? So the release of this song was just before the MET gala and the outfit worn by her on the occasion gave me an awesome idea of how to wear the dress. We have become a generation that finds happiness in dark places.

P.S don’t mind the dirt boots it’s raining in Bangalore

romantic1romantic 4romantic 3

romantic 2
Photography by Susheel Sanketh Rai | Styling by Nita Dsouza


Dress: Gifted |Jacket : Forever21 | shoes : Marks & Spencers

Baby, we’re the new romantics
Come on, come along with me
Heartbreak is the national anthem
We sing it proudly

Always romantic,




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My name is NO! My sign is NO! My number is NO

meghan trainor no 1

Seriously, What was Meghan Trainor thinking when she made this song? I know a lot of women have this kinda attitude because of all the million valid reasons. But are We wrong to say No to everything? Yes, I would like to believe I’ve missed out a lot of good possibilities saying no to a lot of things in life. Yet when Trainor sings it out loud she makes it sound like a song sung for her boyfriend who is always rejected by these beautiful ladies saying NO.

But NO! The one thing I have never, nor will ever regret saying NO to would be buying jeans. I’ve never understood how do some people buy so many pairs of jeans. After a point don’t they all look the same? The thing about jeans is it’s the greatest creation ever in the history of fashion, and also the biggest enemy of the real fashion.  Jeans is the only trouser that individually is the most highly promoted, most worn, most idolised outfit in the world.  Do you know that the denim used to make your jeans is the cheapest fabric ever made in the world?

I’m honestly a little annoyed with the tee shirt and jeans or white shirt with jeans routine. The classics can never go wrong but let’s leave those for a space and time when we are not in the mood to take the effort to dress up. In Spite of my dislike for jeans, I fell in love with the boyfriend fit and the distressed look. So These Forever 21 jeans were a perfect find. So before I discard my perfect find I would love share with you a few ways of styling these jeans, that made me really happy, hope it does the same for you too.

meghan trainor no 3meghan trainor no 2

meghan trainor no 4

meghan trainor no shoesmeghan trainor no ring

Photography by Susheel Sanketh Rai | Styling by Nita Dsouza

White blazer: Topshop| Tee: s.Oliver | BF jeans: Forever 21 | Shoes: Koovs (shop here) | Ring and earrings: bought locally on brigade road.

Stay curious,


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collage almost

I’m surprised! But why can’t one person actually choose to talk about the one thing all the new bunch of kids are singing. We have spent one entire lifetime calling men womanizers and calling women loving and caring ones. really? I didn’t know! I’d be surprised if anyone of my boyfriends called me loving and caring.

We’ve sincerely tried to be good for you. Then it slowly starts falling apart and my mind starts working round the clock to figure it out. When it becomes the most difficult task, we need to shake it off.

However days go by, and then you find this cute love. You spend time thinking it’s true love, slowly it becomes the blank space you are trying to fill but becomes our wildest dream eventually we get sick of the same old love but we can’t keep our hands to ourselves. And then we finally want to get out of the woods and into the clear.

Does my story sound familiar? I’m sure you all still live in denial if you aren’t saying yes. It’s ok I guess because even after coming into the clear you might just get stuck in someone else’s wild dream. Are you a guy? do you think your story is any different?

What’s the talk about cultural appropriation?

Let’s all stop pretending that this song has anything to do with India. What it truly does represent is Coldplay high on Indian grass. A band that just released a music video with apes dancing has gone from being wholesomely pointless to bad cultural appropriation? So this kind of imagery seems to be ok when Murad Osmann comes to India to take his #followmeto series of photographs? or when Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist decides to post pictures of Varanasi and various other so called weaker sections of our Indian society in the name of photography. Were Indians sleeping?

collage chris martin

Can Indians stop being such hypocrites for a bit. It seems to be OK when we put this kinda imagery into our own films, it seems acceptable, but when Coldplay manages to capture the bright colours of the same imagery we have been selling to the world it seems to be a cultural appropriation for profit by the privileged? do you feel exploited? Is this not how Indians really are? If you are offended maybe you don’t deserve to be Indian.

collage india

Even Sonam Kapoor is excited like a small kid about being featured in the video, A story to tell my grandkids! I was in a video! Woo hoo! , can we too take a few minutes and watch the excitement too.


We have spent years trying hard to get the world to notice our country’s cultural heritage, so when the world is finally coming to us don’t shut them out with the negative attitude. We have been selling this imagery to the world for years, It’s time to accept #indiastrending

The only thing in the video that doesn’t set in my mind as Indian is Beyonce. Can someone please explain the styling of her outfits? Has she really been to India? although my dad did seem to like her representation as Indian!

collage beyonce

All images are screenshots of the youtube video.

It’s all about #curiousstyle

Temp logo

Imagine a world of curious. Where a curious being has infinite possibilities, where the only one law is to ask questions and seek their answer.where choices are not right or wrong but personal and individual expressions. where Miss curious could be bright and colourfully dressed but be silent, mature and welcoming. yet her twin is a very talkative pessimist but always wears white!


Now imagine a world of style. Where the stylish has a set ways of doing things.Traditions they inherited from their fathers, which were followed by the grandfathers before them. Pink is for the girls, they say, and blue for the boys. Black to the funerals and white at the birth of a new child. Sneakers to be worn to the tracks and leather to work.


Now imagine, Prince style was to marry Princess curious, and live happily ever after.


Princess curious starts asking style questions about WHY? have the stylish been doing the same thing for years? That makes prince style wonder can we change something to do things better. But also, when the prince style starts to reason with his princess, she learns ways to present herself better, limit her choices to avoid chaos (we all know curiosity killed the cat).


Now that’s what curious meets style is about, choices that affect our life and how to be productively experimental. Experimentation in good to discover new things but we also need to value the knowledge given to us by the ones who were here before us. is my small attempt to help you make small but effective choices of your lifestyle, for when you go to work or to play. Because our choices are an expression of yourself.




The other day I saw posts on Instagram by David’s fans saying He’s back! (with his new album) The next thing I know I’m watching his tribute on VH1. It took A while for it to sink in that He’s gone, for good. I’ve spent the last few days trying to listen to David Bowie’s music. It felt like I always have, disconnected. Yet why do I care enough to talk about him? because his work has influenced me through other artists. His best 3, Or probably his only 3 that I have liked at in order,

  1. Heroes – the song means the world to me “we can be heros, just for one day” and “we kissed, like as though nothing can fall”. It’s the perfect mash up of confidence in love.
  2. The man who sold the world – introduced to me by Nirvana, still one of my favorites. Though the Bowie version irks and gives me goosebumps.What made it worst I heard it the first time in the middle of the night.
  3. Under pressure – Even though there is the confusion over the 6 beats of the song, it is the catchiest of beats I’ve heard. I’ve heard them repeatedly in infomercials and fillers on music channels. Yet every single time it’s amazing.

My second to my love for fashion, is the music I listen to. Music and their artists are the worlds biggest trend setters, David Bowie a Legendary trend setter coming from an super experimental era where being awkward took great courage, Even at his death hadn’t stopped being extraordinary.

I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human. I felt very puny as a human. I thought, “Fuck that. I want to be a superhuman.

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