What is my style He asked?

I’ve been asking myself that forever! From the past 6 years i’ve been telling people what to wear, giving advice about what suits their personality and their body types, and what is appropriate for the occasion. In the recent past I’ve been a pro at being appropriately dressed. But no matter how appropriate we are it’s only 10% of the time we dress up for validation. So what am I dressed up like the other 90% of the time?

I’d say “Pop art by colour, Hippie in my fits, and surrealist in pairings of my OOTD’s.”

I’ve been called colourful so many more times than I would care to remember. One particular incident was when we played those typical group games at the church youth group meetings. We were asked to describe the person in one word. Reo called me colourful, When the whole group burst into a ripple of giggle he stood up and said it’s because she wears so many bright colours at the same time! Who cares if you were only teasing me like you boys always have. The words were music to my ears.

Hippie by fit, oh yes! Like all the time. My favorite time in the history was when boyfriend fits became a must have situation! I love my skinny fits too, but paired with a peasant top, or anything that allows the wind through to my skin. My motto, stay skinny and wear XL fit cloths.

When I first started sharing my outfit photos with people, I always got a mixed bag of reactions. That’s because some of the pairings are contrary to the typical dressing yet fully functional. The simple pairing of jhumkas with a shirt (fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtaposition of subject matter) caused a stream of DM’s in instagram. It’s something like although I absolutely disapprove of lady gaga’s sense of dressing ( which sincerely is only the 10% of her seeking validation for her madness) I absolutely am in awe of her ability to bring drama into the world. I just want to bring small drama’s into everyday life. Surrealism in dressing is my #stylegoal.

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