Gifting this Valentine’s with bonorganik

It always feels like an end of the world task to figure out the best gift for your other half. But Valentine’s day was meant to create togetherness between couples, The best gift this Valentine would be to give her something that would bring her closer to you. so skip

Skip the wilting flowers and give a gift that’ll make your lady happy both body and soul. Bonorganik gives unbelievably soft Tees in amazing prints and adventurous patterns. Think about it, you could do a box of chocolates or you could get you and your Valentine limited edition matching Tees. It’s a gift that’s fun, thoughtful, and hassle-free.

valentines gift 4

My story

A little bit of drag here, but just My small Untold story. I Was introduced to my husband through my aunt who knew his aunt, who exchanged our mother’s phone numbers and then were force feed each other’s numbers because our parents (at least mine) were relentless in getting us married. I know! the last sentence seems like a ramble but an average Indian will get the point. I wasn’t convinced he was the one for me until the day he took me out on a date, and after the nonstop talking, I fell asleep in his arms. His big boney hand hug was the most comforting thing in the world. That’s when I knew I wanted to marry this man and make him mine for life.

Why the Bonorganik Tee?

Well, I’m sure every couple has a story, and valentine’s day is the perfect occasion to celebrate your love for one another all over again. So to all you men out there who don’t know what to get her. Just remember the things she cherishes the most are the things you do together. If your a woman remember the best way to get your partner to do it with you is to ask for it ;).

Pro tip: book a photographer and make some frame-worthy pictures!

To buy the hug dealer tee visit <<<click here

Do visit the (click here) to find something more appropriate for your love

valentines gift 3

valentines gift 2
This is what its like between us everytime … I’m trying to get his attention and he’s glued to his phone! any suggestions how to get him off that thing!?

valentines gift


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