Pop art parade: patchwork shirt and black pants

A trend that makes me feel like a starry-eyed kid again

Yes! I feel like a kid! Because when I was really small and my mom used to stitch my frocks she used to attach little patchwork pieces to my dresses, But of course the were more age appropriate, things like grapes, flowers, birds etc… Now I feel like a kid wearing an adult trend. Non the less my favorite form of art is Pop art and this trend makes me very happy.

It took me some time to pick out this one from everything I saw in the market, Mostly because everything else felt too kiddish to be worn out of the house. However, When I ordered it I was expecting an orange But I was awfully surprised to find something mustard looking in the package. Have you ever had clothes that change colour? this one does. It looks a lot more orange in sunlight. Try it the shirt is still very comfortable. It’s a little disappointing to see some of the younger bloggers style the shirt like a picnic outfit and kill it with their saturated editing!



Because hands in the pocket will make the pant slip downwards! Bad habits!

Photography by Susheel Sanketh Rai | Styling by Nita Dsouza

Top : missa more clothing (shop here) | Pants: fame forever @lifestylestores |  shoes: forever21 | Earings: Jiva foundation |Bag: brigade road |  watch : Tommy Hilfiger (Shop gold here)

With love.


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