Parisian chic: Black tee and floral skirt

They judge you a lot in Paris, It’s a judgemental city 

I found the quote on the refinery69 but here is the thing, if you’ve been to Paris you’d know what the hype is about. Everything about the french is a perfect visual delight (but that’s where it stopped for me! Not a fan of the coffee I had in Paris unlike Italy) That’s why the so-called french styles are popular. I’ve read too many articles about being a Parisian chic but every time I see something Parisian It’s typically fitted at the waist, very girly detailing, and super flirty. It’s cute against the very tailored Italian fits or the blocked cozy New york silhouette.
I Don’t understand french styling but the end result of this particular styling made me wonder is my own sense styling very similar to the french? so I did a little research about how to be Parisian chic. So here is a simple list of thing to be done and voilà you are done.
1. Don’t style your hair, cut it short and leave it messy.
     No! I’m not kidding, I read a fellow blogger say, the french don’t blow dry, colour, accessorise, or even walk out of the house with wet hair! That Is pretty much the story of my hair. and ever since I cut my hair it’s gone from fairly maintained to zero maintenance!
2. Small bags
     They need to be just the right size to sit on your lap when you are sitting in a cafe having coffee and having long discussions.
3. Perfect coordinations
     You could wear 10 different pieces together but they should come together as a theme.
4. perfect or nothing make-up
     The younger you are the lesser colour is required in the makeup! just like it doesn’t exist, the older you get the more perfect the makeup gets! like your straight out of the pretty magazines. and fur to go with it.
    Not so much fur please but surely gold in everything
6. The one thing I’m missing are the sunglasses!

Photography by Susheel Sanketh Rai | Styling by Nita Dsouza

Tee: Forever21 | Skirt: splash fashion | shoes:Allen Solly |Bag: Jabong

With love.


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