travel log #3 : How to dress up for travel

We all have our comfort zone when we travel. Some of us have separate clothes we keep aside specifically for travel, Like my dad who loves his double pocket shirts to store all his junk because it falls out of pant pockets. Yes! I do too have an obsession for pockets but it can be on any piece of the outfit not just the pant. But Every time I choose my travel outfits I keep certain very specific needs in mind.

  1. Pockets – yes because sometimes I wanna stuff those 200ml bottles of juice in my pocket
  2. Stretch fits – always, I’m even ok with tights as long as i have unrestricted movements. Once I wore my boyfriend jeans but the loose fit did save me from tripping over my own feet while climbing down.
  3. shoes – Need to protect my delicate feet from the dirt, bad weather, and long walks. I’m not kidding about the walking. Can anyone name one tourist destination that doesn’t involve walking, no wonder travel is good for your health
  4. small travel bag – Oh yes! a bag too small but big enough to be equal to the biggest handbag you’ve ever carried. believe it or not, for 3 or 4 days of travel, the bag is just big enough!
  5. Covering layer – Probably the most taken granted for by most people. My mom’s robbed my dad of his jacket so many times (But of course he’s always prepared for his wife’s tantrums). I’ve always either carried a light jacket  or a warm shawl sometimes both. you don’t have to carry an oversized jacket if you pick the right outfit layers. At times a good scarf can save you from the sun.
  6. sunglasses – Just because the weather is cold the sun won’t stop shining and I am half blind in bright sunlight.
  7. Jewelry that doesn’t have to come off– this is the part that makes me sick. Unless you are traveling with a specific agenda, pick out some basics. over the years I’ve preferred to wear my tiny gold or diamond jewelry rather than my fancy pieces just because I don’t have to take them off, even while taking bath.

If you have any suggestions or further improvisation on picking out my travel clothes leave a comment below.




Photography by Susheel Sanketh Rai | Styling by Nita Dsouza

Tee: H&M | watch : Tommy Hilfiger (Shop here) | Joggers : max fashion (shop similar) | Bag and scarf: Fabels by fabindia (shop similar) | Shoes : streetstylestore (shop here)

Alway comfortable,

With love


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