Not so ethnic : black kurta and Red & gold details

When Ethnic adapts to western dressing

honestly! I don’t why we keep calling cloths western dressing!!!! I find It rude and inappropriate. Haven’t we seen how the slit tunics came into style a few seasons ago? But wait let’s apply a small bit of logic to why we should stop categorizing clothes as western. If the so called western tailoring of clothes originates in Europe, Why do we call western dressing? Isn’t Europe in the eastern hemisphere? so does that not make the best of clothing eastern? Sorry, I’m just habitual inquisitive. So let’s face it the best of everything is truly in the eastern hemisphere, For once I’m proud to be eastern. Tan skin, small and annoying as hell. Wait, I just heard a news report that says china has produced more billionaires than America!

P.S. I did find this Kurta in the western (can’t kill old habits just yet) section of MAX. I will try to style it differently in a few further posts just to show you western or eastern they are just clothes.





Kurta: Max Fashions | Tights: bosini (very old) | Necklace : Fabindia: | watch: Tommy Hilfiger | Sandals : payless stores
Alway stay truly eastern.

With pride.


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