For the Love of those sunnies

A friend of mine once said wear the right shoes and you are dressed up.


In my case, I’d say wear the right accessories and you’ve worn your armor on a bad outfit day. It’s not like I don’t love the outfit, over the years I’ve just grown too health to fit into it anymore.Also! It’s shrunk length-wise, The rest of which stayed the same. I die for clothes with pockets and the was an amazing soul sante buy. Long before the place got ridiculously crowded. The layering is perfect in this confused weather since all the fabric is cotton. P.S. I almost dumped this outfit shoot. But I’m ❤ ❤ ❤ crushing on the sunnies and how can I dump the shoot when my photographer makes my outfit look good.



dress: Summer love @ soul sante| Tee: Forever 21 |  shoes: FABELS by Fabindia | Bag belong to my mom | sunnies: H&M

Alway sunny

With love.


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