Travel log #2 : On the West coast of India

Let’s Visit my Dad’s school

Growing up we always assume “the adults now nothing”. Over the years I’ve had more patience to hear out my dad’s stories, Even though he repeats them for the hundredth time. His stories intrigue my mind at times. Unlike the city life, we go to school, attend our additional tutorials sessions, spend some time with friends, maybe some supervised TV time and then we sleep. The next day we repeat this cycle. Ok just admit nothing much has changed in city life.

But wait let’s hear what my dad has to say. So he spends an unimaginable number of hours trying to convince me his childhood was better than mine. Unlike my dad, I didn’t get to rob the neighbor’s farm of mangoes and sugarcane. I didn’t get to earn my pocket money selling cashew nuts fallen from the trees into the roadside or the gutter!I didn’t get to bunk school because the river was flooded or climbing the massive rocks to get back home because the path from school to home runs through a jungle trail filled with tigers and snakes. I didn’t get to chase the monkey off the farm with cracker guns.

I’m not saying my childhood wasn’t fun but i didn’t live the life of the jungle book adventure growing up. All that I can do is imagine it even as a grown up. So when I did get the chance to visit his school I got to see his life of adventure. Not so much now as back then more than 50 years ago. 😉


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