Freedom Of dressing

I’m not under any obligation to wear a kurta for the way in which I was raised by my parents. I grew up wearing some very pretty dresses. But it wasn’t until college I started to wear Kurtas, only because it was the dress code! P.s. the dupatta was always rolled and thrown into my bag. Special occasions always qualified for an excuse to wear a saree, especially weddings. I was facinated because my mom has thousands of them in her wardrobe. Still I never really wanted to wear the kurtha. I always had those few in the drakest corner of my closet but I never really cared.

I’m amused though urban Indians don’t find kurta appropriate attire outside of culture or traditional gatherings. Lets take a few minitues and admire those arab women in thier long tunics. If you think they are beutiful then the Indian kurtha is not much diffrent. I the age of travel to explore the world, We have spent too much time in awe of foreign cultures. We forget that no matter where we go or what we achive in the world we live in, we will always be tagged as Indian by one or another person.

Indian or not, I find long kurta’s a very good type of power dressing. It exaggerates your body length and has just the right amount of poise to retain the feminine characteristics of the outfit. A definite thumbs up to the outfit  for all you corporate office going women. Also for those who think it won’t suit you body type, I was an XS and now I fit mostly into M’s because I’ve grown fat and host a small paunch, yet this long kurta covers up all that. I choose to wear it with the salwar pant because in between the leggings, patiala and the new found palazzo somewhere we have forgotten the salwar.

Also let’s face it tunics with side slit is a trend. So whats the big deal? a good fitted kurta can have the same effect. I will show you an example In one of my later posts.

I also belive the freedom fighters also rallied against the british and chased them out of our counrty to preseve our culture and traditions. It’s one thing to ban bad cultural practices and another to exploit the good produce of our traditions. So let’s choose to be Indian when we can. If you choose to agree/disagree leave a comment below, I’m always intrested in alternate perspectives.

kurta red 2 kurta red 1

kurta red 6kurta red 5kurta red back 1

Photography by Susheel Sanketh Rai | Styling by Nita Dsouza

Kurta: Aurelia (shop here) | Salwar: Tailored | sandals: Forever 21 | Necklace: Handicrafts exhibits cum sale | Earrings: Well there is this woman I’ve seen at almost all flea markets. If u are a bangalorean you’ve probably seen her too | Ring : Well let’s just say those are earrings, and because i was confused I accidently looped it on my fingers.

Always Indian,

Nita Dsouza

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