The lip bite

Think about it for a while and you will realise We all fit into some sub-category of crazy.

I am a habitual lip biter. I believe the reason is because I talk too much. I’ve like talking and painting those talkative lips red. So cliche right? But sometimes we seem to dismiss the stereotypes in the process if being different without realizing that we are all the same. we all fit into some subcategory of crazy no matter how sensible we seem to the rest of the world. In today’s world the crazier you are all the more popular you get and the more sensible you prove yourself to the world, the richer you will get.

That’s why when I first saw the dress I had to buy it. Just waited long enough for the first wave of discounts to acquire it. It is one of those dresses that will stay casual but will always look dressed up. It is a sublte reflection all you drama queens. When we keep talking until we realize we have said too much and bite our lips to force stop! Honestly all this is just an excuse to buy a super comfortable dress.


Photography by Susheel Sanketh Rai | Styling by Nita Dsouza

Dress : Only | Jacket: bought it in paris (funny thing about the jacket, It has a made in italy Tag but I bought it in a local chinese store in paris) | Necklace & earrings accessorize | Shoes and ring : thrift | watch : LG Gwatch

Always dramatic ,


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