#2 BF Jeans: The choice

Life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation

The Matrix is one of those movies you have to watch for all philosophical reasons! The trilogy inspired me in many ways and makes it worth the watch from time to time. It is the climax that made the trilogy worth the watch. The climax states one of the most profound facts of human behavior that most of us would not accept because we want to believe each one of us is created differently from the other.Yet truly humans are all created the same, it’s the choices we make that make us different. Being male or female, girl or woman, Cat or dog is of little significance. As human, we all share the same love, hate, pride, respect … what makes us different are the choices we make to react to the situations and the emotions we exhibit.

😛 However, I was never much of a flowy outfit kind of a person until the recent past when capes started flooding the market in different forms. this is probably the residue of the trend but I love the trailing effect of the pull over when I walk, and the snug and cozy fit of the turtleneck and full sleeves. P.s. I’ve folded the sleeves. Hope you see some resemblance because I’m no neo or trinity out the save mankind. Just a pointless kid walking down the street, trying to save someone from making bad fashion choices.


matrix 2matrix 1

matrix 4
Photography by Susheel Sanketh Rai | Styling by Nita Dsouza

Pullover: femella | camisole: splash | BF jeans: forever21 | shoes and sunglasses : forever 21 | earrings : cove

Stay curious,


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