Almost “cool” college dress codes

At the time I joined Pre-university college, it had become a trend for colleges to make Indian ethnic wear the dress code. Student’s wore kurta’s and teachers wore saree’s. But of course, I do not approve of this dress code and never have because it’s is gender biased. The boys still wear shirts and trousers, why can’t all of us just wear kurta’s to college. We are all still Indian, right?  All in all, I didn’t like the dress code all the more because back then it was impossible to acquire XS sizes for  petite girls. Everything in the market was always too loose and tailors were a lot of effort and time.

Really wish I had the branded options that are available now back then. So many reasonably priced kurta’s in the market, god knows I would have been better dressed and a lot cooler than the cool kids. The only sad thing about all the branded kurta’s in the market is the are in the majority of 3/4th sleeves. Sometimes I tell myself that the selection of kurta’s in my wardrobe would be better if the sleeves didn’t cover the elbow.


4Photography by wanderlust artist | styling and editing by Nita Dsouza

My verdict: I still love kurta’s for summer, and pairing the palazzo with them brings the breezy feeling to cool off the season. The one thing I really miss about the college attire are the pointlessly large earrings some of us used to wear. even I had two of my own, although i was never much of a mainstream kinda kid.


Kurta: aurelia (shop here) | Palazzo: Safina Plaza, Bangalore| Shoes: Blak| Bag and bangle : Brigade road, Bangalore| Earings: Jiva, picked it up at the United charities bazaar that happens every Christmas.

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