Travel log #1 : Grandpa’s house pets


Visiting grandpa’s house was a nightmare daylight! Growing up in the city in small spaces was very different from my grandpa’s house. It is a house in the middle of  farmlands, where house pets were two monstrous dogs always too eager to pounce on visitors and notorious cats who would never come near you. As a small kid, I was petrified! Always smaller and more timider than the creatures around me. Even the insects in the village home seemed larger than life! and mom always wondered why I cried every time we visited my grandparents.
However over time, some things change. Like I outgrew the dogs in size. although, the dogs that were brought home in the years to come were much smaller. I ran faster and caught the cat, although they were more than happy to swoop their soft paws and spring the razor sharp claws at me. and I could even visit the cows in the shed unsupervised (it’s always too dark in there) A true sense of admiration and understanding for the creatures around me sets in with time and age.

cat2cat5cat6collage catdog2- u come, u better have something for medog3dog4cow2cow1



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