Donald duck


Donald duck has always been my childhood’s strangest memory! His hyperactive drama, incessant chatter, always ready to chase something! and yet he was a duck! Aren’t ducks suppose to wobble around? Be clumsy? Yet Donald duck had a never-ending spark to him. I remember the first time I shared something special with Donald duck, it was at summer drawing camp when we were drawing cartoons. When everyone was drawing mickey mouse I drew Donald. Then onwards drawing Donald grew to become an obsession, his face was drawn in every end page of my notebooks. I even learnt to draw his face with my eyes closed.
Over time in high school the importance of teenage detective story books and Jane Austen’s tragic happy ending put Donald duck in the back until that random day when my English teacher announced we had a spot elocution on random topics and we had to make a two-minute speech on the given topic! Petrified… Never was I a kid of the spotlight. But I managed, every word fumbled and stumbled, although my request for a retry was denied! I must have done something right. A few years later I even discovered I shared a birthday with Walt Disney.


Photography by wanderlust artist | styling and editing by Nita Dsouza

Tee: local Malaysian shopping (has a brand tag in a language I don’t know!)| Skinny jeans: forever 21| Socks: Bata| Shoes: Koovs (shop here)| TV Charm necklace: Splash| Latex bands: Really old picked up when I was in High school| Finger ring: accessorize| Sunglasses: Zara.

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