pop of art

My logical brain tells me “art in itself has never achieved anything productive”. Yet the only form of art that has proved that statement wrong for me was the glorious era of pop art. All thanks to the creative advertising it generated. I wouldn’t and couldn’t care much to debate about anything about the art itself because as an average person I do not understand the many facets of art that make it so important. What I do know however is no art is good enough unless it triggers an emotion and pop art has always been a trigger in my head. Bright colours, bold outlines, almost life like yet so half way humorous about the things of everyday life.

pop5 new.jpg




collage done.jpg
Photography by wanderlust artist | styling and editing by Nita Dsouza


If you were to put me in a space filled with roy Lichtenstein paintings and “I would rather drown than call for help”. 

Top & shoes: forever 21 | Pant: mango| scarf:splash

Curious trend: corals comimg back in trend, this time round I really wish it isn’t paired with pastels.

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