Exploring a theory

Pigeons don’t like marron!

Pigeons 9 done

Pigeons1 done


At my first job, I had to park my beautiful marron 800 in the open parking space next to the building wall where the pigeons nested. It was annoying how often they found a way to consistently dishevel only my car! C’mon, there were atleast eight other cars to shit on. Apparently they liked to shit only on the maroon cars. But no! I didn’t dress up in the maroon block print dhoti pants to test my theory, however, I did notice the pigeons would run away at the sight of me. Is it in my head? I highly doubt that! Pigeons are strangely hungry creatures. When they are eating they don’t care so much anyone’s invasion of privacy into their space.

Cubbon park has always been a strange place to me. Major part of all my school summers has been in and out of the Bal bavan. Yet the park was like a real life Narnia to my tiny mind, the grandfather trees with the gigantor government buildings. I still don’t think I’ve truly seen even half the park. Until this day out at the park, I didn’t even know there was a designated space for the band of the parks own pigeons.

Pigeons2 donepigeons02pigeons04pigeons01Photography by wanderlust artist | styling and editing by Nita Dsouza

Top: FABELS by fabindia| Dhoti pant & juthis: fabindia| Jewellery: Brigade road

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