What’s the talk about cultural appropriation?

Let’s all stop pretending that this song has anything to do with India. What it truly does represent is Coldplay high on Indian grass. A band that just released a music video with apes dancing has gone from being wholesomely pointless to bad cultural appropriation? So this kind of imagery seems to be ok when Murad Osmann comes to India to take his #followmeto series of photographs? or when Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist decides to post pictures of Varanasi and various other so called weaker sections of our Indian society in the name of photography. Were Indians sleeping?

collage chris martin

Can Indians stop being such hypocrites for a bit. It seems to be OK when we put this kinda imagery into our own films, it seems acceptable, but when Coldplay manages to capture the bright colours of the same imagery we have been selling to the world it seems to be a cultural appropriation for profit by the privileged? do you feel exploited? Is this not how Indians really are? If you are offended maybe you don’t deserve to be Indian.

collage india

Even Sonam Kapoor is excited like a small kid about being featured in the video, A story to tell my grandkids! I was in a video! Woo hoo! , can we too take a few minutes and watch the excitement too.


We have spent years trying hard to get the world to notice our country’s cultural heritage, so when the world is finally coming to us don’t shut them out with the negative attitude. We have been selling this imagery to the world for years, It’s time to accept #indiastrending

The only thing in the video that doesn’t set in my mind as Indian is Beyonce. Can someone please explain the styling of her outfits? Has she really been to India? although my dad did seem to like her representation as Indian!

collage beyonce

All images are screenshots of the youtube video.

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