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Imagine a world of curious. Where a curious being has infinite possibilities, where the only one law is to ask questions and seek their answer.where choices are not right or wrong but personal and individual expressions. where Miss curious could be bright and colourfully dressed but be silent, mature and welcoming. yet her twin is a very talkative pessimist but always wears white!


Now imagine a world of style. Where the stylish has a set ways of doing things.Traditions they inherited from their fathers, which were followed by the grandfathers before them. Pink is for the girls, they say, and blue for the boys. Black to the funerals and white at the birth of a new child. Sneakers to be worn to the tracks and leather to work.


Now imagine, Prince style was to marry Princess curious, and live happily ever after.


Princess curious starts asking style questions about WHY? have the stylish been doing the same thing for years? That makes prince style wonder can we change something to do things better. But also, when the prince style starts to reason with his princess, she learns ways to present herself better, limit her choices to avoid chaos (we all know curiosity killed the cat).


Now that’s what curious meets style is about, choices that affect our life and how to be productively experimental. Experimentation in good to discover new things but we also need to value the knowledge given to us by the ones who were here before us. is my small attempt to help you make small but effective choices of your lifestyle, for when you go to work or to play. Because our choices are an expression of yourself.

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