Monday blues

Blue on Monday

We all have our own personal feeling for Mondays! I used to love Mondays when I worked in retail. The most brainless day of the week, Least number of customers (managers day off!), Half the store staff is on their weekly offs. it used to be a vacation at work! I guess the time for that is over. When you choose to work for yourself (finally!) Monday is that day of work your dragged to, Because you start discovering so many responsibilities you didn’t know exist. Do you still get the opportunity to dress up to work? Ya maybe a little bit enough to make you happy, and a lot more enough to be practically convenient when you know you don’t have meetings for the day.
However keeping in mind fully, how fat I’ve grown I guess being lethargically is excusable. Or not, who knows! I decide to wear full black, yet the unsettling felling of gloominess needed a blue denim shirt as a cover up (instead of a heavy jacket) and pink socks with floral print sneakers. Oh ya, now It felt done.
DSCN7330 editDSCN7316 edit
DSCN7324 edit
Cami : splash
Trouser: Zara
Belt : Pantaloons
Shoes & socks : Bata
 Denim Shirt : Factory reject @ Rs200

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