New year resolutions

After the first three days of the year I realised all over again why I have never been a fan of new year’s. I believe it is one of the worse excuses to celebrate.December is one of the best time of the year for me, It starts with my Birthday and ends with Christmas. As a kid it was the best time of the year to do shopping.
Soon after Christmas starts the paramount of lies we like to tell ourselves. “the best is yet to come”, “I will keep my resolutions this year”, And those lazy louts who prefer to mock themselves for not keeping or even making resolutions. It’s amusing to watch young boys coming to the park to jog in the evening, By the end of the month would like to know how many of them are still on track to achieve their goals.
So make a deal with yourself, don’t ever make false promises to yourself, Don’t make resolutions that you were never suppose to make because you know you won’t keep them and it’s not in your nature e.g. to exercise and lose weight. Instead discover yourself and set realistic goal (like I will drink a green tea with every dessert I eat) that won’t make you guilty of the things you never resolved to get done. Spend more time with people so that you discover who truly cares for you, and build a meaningful relationship with them. Find a new hobby to keep your idle mind occupied. And be more productive and have a satisfying year ahead ( Vaibhav I had to quote your choice of words).
So remember don’t make resolutions, make realistic goals you can achieve. Lets fell a bit less guilty this year.
Have A happy year ahead in 2016.

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